City of Excellence


The Oklahoma American Legion Boys’ State City of Excellence Award is one of the most coveted prizes to be earned during your week at Boys’ State.  The City of Excellence is the award given to the one outstanding city that displays exemplary qualities throughout the week and distinguishes itself amongst its peer cities.  It is a source of pride for your city and it bestows upon you, the citizen, the honor of being a part of the best city at Oklahoma American Legion Boys’ State.  The City of Excellence Award represents the ultimate goal for you to aim for in every activity you do.  Your entire week will build upon itself, giving you, as a citizen, and a city, the opportunity to excel and earn the points needed to reach this prize.  The following criteria will be used to determine the winner of the City of Excellence 

  1. The number of State, County, Legislative, and Judicial Elected Offices that members of your city are elected to.  The more elected offices your city holds, the more points your city will earn.  However, appointed positions and elected city offices will not be considered for this award.
  2. The activities held during recreation time will also factor into the City of Excellence Award.  The more victories your city accomplishes in Athletic and Academic Bowl competitions, the more points you will accrue.  However, the point competition will end on Thursday with the State Tournaments, therefore the “Boys’ State Games” will not be factored in.
  3. The Quiz Average of the members of your city, excluding retakes, will be the third factor in determining the City of Excellence.  As with the other categories, the higher the average your city receives, the more points you will be credited with.
  4. The Senior Counselors will keep a constant watch during the week observing the various cities that make up Boys’ State.  At the end of the week, they will make two Senior Counselor Recommendations in which they submit the names of the two best cities at Boys’ State, in their opinion.  They may name their own city only once, so this is a very important category.
  5. Finally, your own Senior Counselor will rate your city on a scale of 1-10 based on how well you demonstrate the following characteristics:
    • Marching and Bearing: Crispness, uniformity, maneuverability, creative and loud chanting or calling of cadences, and precision while marching.
    • City Unity, Pride and Spirit: Cohesion, cooperation, general fraternity, and liberal inclusion of one another throughout the week.
    • City Initiative and Autonomy: Operating your own city with little counselor guidance, carrying out your own agenda without prompting, being self-starters, and exercising great responsibility.
    • General Reverence, Behavior, and Respect: Demonstrated at assemblies, city meetings, in the classrooms, during the Government Simulations, at Reveille and Retreat, and also displayed in the attitude toward Counselors, Staff, and Patriotism.
  6. In the case of a tie in point totals, the city with the Highest Ranking Elected Official will be declared the winner.

As you can see, the City of Excellence Award is dependent on your achievements, as well as your attitude and the impression you make on the rest of the state.  To achieve the coveted title of City of Excellence will require constant work and improvement, yet it is within the reach of you and your city should you desire it with enough vigor.  Best of luck.