Chapters 8 & 9

Oklahoma American Legion Boys State
“County Government”
“Municipalities and School Districts”
Chapters 8 & 9


CHAPTER 8: County Government


Brief Overview of the Theory of Local Government:

            The Basic Duties of Counties as Subdivisions of the State

  • Administrative Bodies with no Legislative Powers
  • Record Keeping
  • Monitoring the Court System
  • Providing for Law Enforcement
  • Transportation Maintenance and Construction
  • Voter Registration and Running Elections
  • Limited Welfare and Educational Services
  • Limited Taxation Powers

Organization of County Government

County Commission Plan

  • County Commissioners
    • Division of Districts
    • Rotating Chairmanship
    • Duties of the Commission
  • County Clerk
    • Duties of the County Clerk
    • Impact on Basic Property Rights
  • District Court Clerk
    • Duties of Court Clerk
    • Partnership with District Court
  • County Sheriff
    • Qualifications for Holding Office
    • Duties of the Sheriff and His Deputies
  • County Treasurer
    • Duties and Responsibilities of the Treasurer
  • County Assessor
    • Duties of the Assessor
    • Impact on Taxation and Real Property
    • Appealing Appraisals of the Assessor
  • County Election Board
    • Composition of the Board
    • Duties of the Board
  • District Attorney
    • State vs. County Official
    • Relationship with the District Courts
    • Duties and Responsibilities of the DA

CHAPTER 9: Municipalities and School Districts


Basic Services Provided by Cities and Towns

            Municipal Corporations

  • Legal Ramifications
  • Governmental Function
  • Corporate or Proprietary Functions
  • Sunshine Laws
  • Tort Claims Act of 1985

The Right to Incorporate

  • Requirement for Incorporation
  • Naming of New Municipal Corporations

Classifications of Municipal Corporations

  • Town
  • Cities

5 Types of Municipal Government

  • Town: Board of Trustees System
    • Officers
    • Powers and Duties
  • City: Statutory Aldermanic or Weak Mayor System
    • Officers: Fairly Detailed
    • Powers and Duties
  • City: Statutory Council-Manager Government
    • Officers: Fairly Detailed
    • Powers and Duties
  • City: Statutory Strong Mayor-Council
    • Officers: Fairly Detailed
    • Powers and Duties
  • City: Home Rule / Charter
    • Qualifications
    • Adoption of Charters
    • Examples of Home Rule Cities

Public School Districts

  • Administration of School Districts
  • Trends in Rise and Decline of School Districts
  • Board Members
  • School Districts as Corporate Entities
  • Powers and Duties