High School Juniors interested in attending Oklahoma Boys State must apply with their local American Legion Post. The minimum eligibility requirements for selection as an Oklahoma Boys State Delegate are: the student must be a male; must be a high school junior or home school equivalent at the time of application; must have at least one semester of high school remaining following Boys State; and may not have previously attended a Boys State program in Oklahoma or elsewhere. Local American Legion Posts may use additional screening criteria for selecting delegates. For help locating and contacting your local American Legion Post, email us here or call (405) 578-4627 or use the post locator below.

The methods to select boys to attend Oklahoma Boys State vary from state to state and even from Post to Post, but all share the common goal of providing the most beneficial experience to those who appear to have the most potential for leadership and service.  In Oklahoma, each Post uses its own method and qualifications to choose Boys State Delegates and Alternates, but all Delegates and Alternates must be chosen and enrolled by April 15.

Some posts use a paper application to review candidates and conduct interviews.  A generic application is available for download here.

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