Flickerball Washout

Water has invaded the Northeastern A&M Campus for this year’s Oklahoma Boys State . With puddles at every turn and not a dry spot in sight, the ever famous Boys State sport of Flickerball (an epic mix of Ultimate Frisbee and Football, originally created by the U.S. Air Force) has officially been washed out. Rainy weather has forced counselors to replace the popular sport with a game that is easier to play in wet conditions, Ultimate Football. For years Flickerball has been a highlight of the Boys State experience. The delegates and counselors alike shook their heads with disappointment, but refused to let the setback dampen their spirits.  Boys’ State has prided itself not only on its academics and leadership learning, but also on its delegates’ ability to adapt, plan and re-plan their daily activities. Even with Flickerball canceled, the turnout for Football was encouragingly high – illustrating the flexibility learned and utilized at Boys State (a skill much needed in the future leaders of America).

In addition to the Flickerball cancelation, Softball is temporarily on hold due to the inclement weather and the field being overrun by the pond-like floodwater. Thankfully, the sports of Volleyball, Basketball and Junior Shooters are all still fully operational in their indoor facilities. As unfortunate as the Flickerball mishap is – especially for the Delegates who are now missing out on one of the favorite aspects of “The Week That Shapes A Lifetime” – the current weather report does not seem to be getting any dryer. Maybe next year will see Flickerball return to Boys State. We can only hope.