Forks in the Road, Decisions to be Made


Two Star Real Admiral Doug McClain recounts his personal adventures as a Navy officer and pilot to the Boys State delegates (Photo by Lucas Norris)

With the arrival of a high-ranking official, Two Star Rear Admiral McClain, Oklahoma Boys State turned out to welcome him with honor. The cities of Boys State lined up on the NEO Football Field for a Retreat before marching around the field and recognizing the Admiral with a Pass In Review ceremony. As they toughed it out through the rain, each city’s delegates bonded as they marched in unison with honor for the Admiral in mind and the goal of City of Excellence at heart. Following the Pass In Review, cities assembled for an assembly, where Admiral McClain gave a fascinating speech, filled with anecdotes such as his time at the University of Colorado, landing jets on an aircraft carrier, and blowing up a satellite orbiting Earth at speeds over 15,000 mile per hour. He then tied his stories together with his main idea of how there are forks in every road and a multitude of decisions that we will have to make in our lives. He stated that attending Boys State was one of his top five decisions in life and that one day it will be one of our top five as well. Admiral McClain is a great storyteller and has served the United States with honor and dedication over the course of his career. Delegates will no doubt use his advice when they make important decisions in their own lives. Many people look up to Admiral McClain as a great mentor.  Hosting such a great individual at Boys State provides a true American hero to serve as a role model for every man here.

-video from AegisBMD