My Boys State Experience

So, first off, what is Boys State? Boys State is a camp in which you are emerged into a city in which you grow in the aspects of brotherhood along with 480 others of Oklahoma’s best, arranged in varying cities that are engaged in political, athletic, and academic competitions.

To me, getting involved is key to truly enjoying Boys State and in order to experience it to the fullest extent, it is prudent to step outside your comfort zone and be a lion chaser. Today alone I have been stripped of my legislative position, which was the minority leader of the House #2, by being elected to participate in the judicial branch as a District Attorney (DA). Yesterday was even more challenging in the fact that I campaigned for Attorney General after county nominations and was unsuccessful. My city, Lonkerd, however was victorious in recreational activities such as basketball, flickerball, and academic bowl at which we were victorious, which lifted my morale. One thing to remember while we are here is that we are not divided in a sense of brotherhood, we are in rivalry of competitions but not overall as a people. I enjoy this sense of brotherhood, you could meet someone from a completely different city who resides in actuality in a place hundreds of miles away from yourself and manage to efficiently learn who they are and create a bond for years to come. A few other things I have taken away from this week are to become involved in everything you can and to work past adversity and failure and strive on for a greater good for God, for yourself, for your city, for your county, and for Boys State as a whole!