Visiting Boys State

Parents are welcome to visit Boys State. We are pleased to welcome visitors to our program. Of course, we can’t disrupt the program to accommodate visitors, but you are welcome to observe Oklahoma Boys State. Probably  the best time to visit is at the evening assemblies which begin about 7:30 and conclude about 9:30. The very best evenings to visit are the Thursday night Talent Show and the Friday night Memorial Service. Unfortunately we have no facilities for feeding or housing guests but Miami has many fine places to eat and stay. Because of the number of delegates, seating is limited, but we will try to accommodate as many guests as we can.

Delegates are permitted to receive female visitors on campus during time not scheduled for program activities.  However, no females are permitted in the dormitories after 5pm on registration day.  This allows mothers to help get sons settled in their dorm rooms, but after that time delegates need to feel free to move about the dorm without concern for female visitors.

A female visitation is to take place in the Headquarters area but should not be in the Headquarters proper except during inclement weather.  Delegates shall refrain from intimate behavior during the visits.

All other guests including friends and parents will meet with delegates in the headquarters area or in headquarters in the event of inclement weather.  Guests are welcome to attend assemblies.